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[texts]China Household Audio Equipment Manufacturing Market
The Report “China household audio equipment manufacturing industry, 2014″ by ReportsFromChina is now available at Contact with “China household audio equipment manufacturing industry, 2014″ in subject line and your contact details to purchase this report or get your questions answered. The collection of ‘Electronic Manufacturing’ market research reports has a new addition of “China household audio equipment manufacturing industry, ...
Keywords: Household audio; household audio equipment; household audio equipment manufacturing; household manufacturing in China; 2014 household manufacturing
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[movies]Ghost Players clip 4864 - Joe Scherrman
audio equipment; Japan; Sasebo; Nagasaki; camp; 2001; DV
Keywords: -Japan; audio equipment; Japan; Sasebo; Nagasaki; camp; 2001; DV
[texts]Basic Gravitational Reflexes in the Larval Frog - NON
Little is known about how vertebrates are able to sense gravity and how they process this information to generate appropriate motor responses. This investigation was designed to determine how a primitive vertebrate, the bullfrog tadpole, is able to sense and process gravitational stimuli. Because of the phylogenetic similarities of the vestibular systems in all vertebrates, the understanding of the gravitational reflexes in this relatively simple vertebrate should elucidate a skeletal framework ...
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[texts]ERIC ED328209: Microphones and Educational Media. - ERIC
This paper describes the types of microphones that are available for use in media production. Definitions of 16 words and phrases used to describe microphones are followed by detailed descriptions of the two kinds of microphones as classified by mode of operation, i.e., velocity, or ribbon microphones, and pressure operated microphones, which include crystal, moving coil, carbon granule, and capacitor microphones...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Acoustics; Audio Equipment; Audiotape Recordings; Microphones; Noise (Sound); Production Techniques
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED254214: Teleconferencing in Education. ERIC Digest. - ERIC
This digest discusses teleconferencing--defined as electronic communication between two or more people at a distance--in terms of three major types: audio, video, and computer. Reasons offered for using teleconferencing include the extension of budget dollars and of educational opportunities, accommodation of a wide variety of classes, and provision of a flexible format for meetings. Audio conference options identified include dedicated conference networks; dial-up networks; "meet-me" conferenci...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audio Equipment; Computers; Information Networks; Teleconferencing; Television; Video Equipment
Downloads: 2
[texts]Payload Operations and Telescience on ISS - Cissom, Rickey D.
The objective of this paper is to provide future International Space Station (ISS) scientists and/or engineers with an overview of the ISS payload operations and integration process. This process begins with the payload being manifested on the ISS and continued through the integration and operations process. Emphasis is placed on the interfaces and tools that the payload will utilize when going through the process...
Downloads: 137
[texts]ERIC ED343572: Instructional Audio Communications at a Glance. - ERIC
Audio conferencing, or teleconferencing, is fast becoming an important method of delivering education to students at a distance. Audio conferencing equipment consists of a convener (speaker) and push-to-talk microphone. Use of the system costs less than using a number of separate telephone lines and is more comfortable for users. Advantages of teleconferencing include interaction between students and teachers, the opportunity for direct feedback to students, cost effectiveness, and ease of use w...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audio Equipment; Computer Networks; Distance Education; Guidelines; Interaction; Microphones; Postsecondary Education; Telecommunications; Teleconferencing; Telephone Communications Systems; Telephone Instruction
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED312709: Technology, Sound and Popular Music. - ERIC
The ability to record sound is power over sound. Musicians, producers, recording engineers, and the popular music audience often refer to the sound of a recording as something distinct from the music it contains. Popular music is primarily mediated via electronics, via sound, and not by means of written notes. The ability to preserve or modify organized sound is a means of controlling sound independent of its creation or creator...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audio Equipment; Audiotape Recordings; Bands (Music); Media Research; Music Techniques; Musicians; Popular Music; Rock Music; Technological Advancement
Downloads: 11
[movies]Affordable Laptop Rental In Denver
Looking to rental laptops? Denver Laptop Rentals, the largest and local computer rental company in Colorado, offers the lowest prices and fast delivery on sound system, projectors and screens, and laptop rental in Denver.
Keywords: Denver projector rental; laptop rental in Denver; audio equipment rental Denver; movie projector rental Denver; sound system rental Denver
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[texts]ERIC ED380147: International Meeting To Discuss Audio Technology as Applied to Library Services for Blind Individuals (3rd, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, April 20-22, 1995). Volumes 1-3. - ERIC
This three-day conference on the subject of audio technology for the production of materials for the blind, takes the court reporter approach to recording the speeches and discussions of the meeting. The result is a three volume set of complete transcripts, one volume for each day of the meeting, but continuous in form. The highlights of each day's discussion are as follows. Volume 1: (1) an introductory speech (by Euclid Herie) touching on the history of reading for the blind and of internation...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audio Equipment; Audiovisual Aids; Blindness; Foreign Countries; Library Services; Nonprint Media; Reading Materials; Talking Books; Visual Impairments
Downloads: 9
[texts]Apparatus and method for explosive bonding to edge of flyer plate - NON
The invention is an apparatus and a process for the explosive joining of a flyer plate and a base plate. The apparatus consists of a flyer plate positioned over a base plate. The flyer plate has a notch containing a filler material in intimate contact with the flyer plate. An adhesive means holds a ribbon explosive partially overlapping the notch in the flyer plate. A detonating means initiates the ribbon explosive that drives the flyer plate to accomplish a high velocity, angular collision betw...
Downloads: 123
[texts]ERIC ED386146: The Last Millimeter: Interfacing the New Public Radio Satellite System. Info. Packets No. 14. - ERIC
Public radio is about to achieve a new technological level as the new Public Radio Satellite System (PRSS) is deployed. The network will dramatically improve the capacity and quality of its interconnection system, but proper interfacing at member stations will be required to realize the full benefits of the new system. The new system uses digital transmission and includes a perceptual coding algorithm called MUSICAM, a data compression system that keeps bandwidth requirements low and audio quali...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Algorithms; Audio Equipment; Broadcast Reception Equipment; Coding; Communications Satellites; Networks; Production Techniques; Radio; Technological Advancement
Downloads: 8
[texts]ERIC ED359404: A Survey of the Professional Audio Industry in an Eight State Region To Assess Employers' Perceived Value of Formal Audio Education and Their Perceived Training Needs for Entry-Level Employees. - ERIC
A community college conducted a study to determine how employers perceived formal education for audio professionals--both baccalaureate and associate degrees from community colleges, employers' training needs, how they judged entry-level employees' qualifications, and the availability of internships and entry-level employment. The study surveyed 564 audio professionals in an 8-state region, with 154 (27 percent) responses...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audio Equipment; Community Colleges; Education Work Relationship; Employer Attitudes; Employment Potential; Employment Practices; Employment Qualifications; Entry Workers; Higher Education; Job Skills; Labor Needs; Two Year Colleges
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED315197: The Social World of Peer Rejected Children as Revealed by a Wireless Audio-Visual Transmission System. - ERIC
This paper describes an observational methodology designed to permit increased understanding of the day-to-day social world of school children. The methodology was developed in the course of investigations of the extent to which children classified as rejected on sociometric measures actually experience overt rejection at school. Discussions of the consequences of rejection and of observational research on rejected children precede a description of an intensive observation that combined audiotap...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audio Equipment; Classroom Research; Data Collection; Elementary Education; Elementary School Students; Peer Relationship; Rejection (Psychology); Research Methodology; Social Experience; Student Behavior; Telecommunications; Video Equipment
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED253215: New Communications Technology and Distance Education: Implications for Commonwealth Countries of the South. Papers on Information Technology No. 239. - ERIC
This review of the technical possibilities of audio, television, computing, and combination media addresses the main factors influencing decisions about each technology's suitability for distance teaching, including access, costs, symbolic representation, student control, teacher control, existing structures, learning skills to be developed, and feedback. Specific technologies are considered by type as follows: (1) audio: radio, audiocassettes, telephone teaching; (2) television-based: broadcast...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audio Equipment; Computers; Cost Effectiveness; Costs; Developing Nations; Distance Education; Foreign Countries; Mass Media Effects; Media Selection; Technology Transfer; Telecommunications; Videodisc Recordings
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED249943: Reaching Out: The Role of Audio Cassette Communication in Rural Development. Occasional Paper 19. - ERIC
This report describes the state-of-the-art of audio cassette technology (ACT) and reports findings from field tests, case studies, and pilot projects in several countries which demonstrate the potential of audio cassettes as a medium for communicating with rural people. Specific guidance is also offered on how a project can use cassettes as a communication or teaching tool. The changing concept of development is discussed as well as major communication problems in rural development...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audio Equipment; Audiotape Cassettes; Case Studies; Costs; Developing Nations; Instructional Materials; Intermode Differences; Production Techniques; Program Descriptions; Rural Development; Teaching Methods
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED247628: The Role of Audio Media in the Lives of Children. - ERIC
Mass communication researchers have largely ignored the role of audio media and popular music in the lives of children, yet the available evidence shows that children do listen. Extant studies yield a consistent developmental portrait of childrens' listening frequency, but there is a notable lack of programatic research over the past decade, one in which stereophonic and tape playback systems proliferated widely, FM music formats generated greater market stratification, and cultural markets for ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audience Analysis; Audio Equipment; Childhood Attitudes; Childhood Interests; Communication Research; Listening Habits; Literature Reviews; Mass Media; Music; Popular Culture; Radio; Research Needs
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED278391: Out-of-School Learning among Children, Adolescents, and Adults. Report of Findings from the 1985 Home Information Technology Study (HITS). Contractor Report. - ERIC
One of two reports on the 1985 Home Information Technology Study (HITS), a national survey conducted to provide insights into the role played by educational technologies in out-of-school learning, this volume provides current national estimates of the nature and extent of non-school learning by children, adolescents, and adults, and examines the factors involved in the decision to engage in non-school learning and the processes and resources typically employed in different types of learning...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adolescents; Adults; Attitudes; Audio Equipment; Family Environment; Informal Education; Information Technology; Interviews; Learning Activities; Microcomputers; National Surveys; Preadolescents; Telecommunications; Television; Use Studies; Video Equipment; Young Children
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED278363: Use of Electronic Information Technologies for Non-School Learning in American Households. Report of Findings from the 1985 Home Information Technology Study (HITS). - ERIC
One of two reports on the 1985 Home Information Technology Study (HITS), a national survey conducted to provide insights into the role played by educational technologies in out-of-school learning, this volume provides current estimates of the availability and accessibility of information technologies and related program materials in American households, and examines how, by whom, and to what extent these household technologies/resources are used for informal learning...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adolescents; Adults; Attitudes; Audio Equipment; Family Environment; Informal Education; Information Technology; Interviews; Learning Activities; Microcomputers; National Surveys; Preadolescents; Telecommunications; Television; Use Studies; Video Equipment; Young Children
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[unknown]Usenet groups within from
Usenet newsgroups within "", contributed courtesy of These captures omit most binary posts.
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[texts]ERIC ED359935: An Application of Digitized Speech in Hypermedia. - ERIC
Hypermedia applications have presented information through a variety of visual media, but the aural channel for information delivery has not been well developed. To reduce the likelihood of overloading the visual channel of communication in a program that presents a great deal of information through graphic illustration and animation, the hypermedia program "Field Kit Workshop" (FKW) uses speech as the primary means of delivering verbal information...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audio Equipment; Audiovisual Communications; College Students; Computer Assisted Instruction; Computer Simulation; Computer Software; Computer Software Development; Formative Evaluation; Higher Education; Hypermedia; Interactive Video; Speech
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED223229: The State of the Art in Rate-Modified Speech: A Review of Contemporary Research. - ERIC
This review of the literature on rate-controlled or compressed speech begins by tracing the historical development of compressed speech with emphasis on earlier approaches to the problem, e.g., changing speaking rate, simplifying text, changing tape speed, or using a sampling technique. An overview of research from 1917 to 1974 highlights the major contributors and important issues and findings. Four main categories of research are discussed: (1) comprehension and intelligibility; (2) trainabili...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audio Equipment; Communication Research; Efficiency; Electromechanical Technology; Instructional Innovation; Listening Comprehension; Literature Reviews; Media Research; Speech Compression; Technological Advancement
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED228992: Videotaping in Classrooms: A Guide for Researchers. Program Report 83-1. A Report from the Program on Student Diversity and Classroom Processes: Interaction and Organization. - ERIC
The uses, pitfalls, and mechanics of videotaping for educational research are summarized. The first section discusses methodological aspects of videotaping, suggesting the capabilities of the technique and specific uses for videotaping in research studies. Disadvantages are also detailed, and a simple framing technique is described which can insure that the research task is amenable to videotaping...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audio Equipment; Audiotape Recordings; Educational Research; Equipment Maintenance; Equipment Storage; Glossaries; Production Techniques; Purchasing; Research Methodology; Television Lighting; Video Equipment; Videotape Recordings
Downloads: 2
[texts]Inclusive inelastic scattering of heavy ions and nuclear correlations - Cucinotta, Francis A.
Calculations of inclusive inelastic scattering distributions for heavy ion collisions are considered within the high energy optical model. Using ground state sum rules, the inclusive projectile and complete projectile-target inelastic angular distributions are treated in both independent particle and correlated nuclear models. Comparisons between the models introduced are made for alpha particles colliding with He-4, C-12, and O-16 targets and protons colliding with O-16...
Downloads: 61
[texts]MC-1 Nozzle Testing Results - Peters, Warre
This document is the presentation graphics which reviews the test results of the MC-1 Nozzle. The MC-1 Nozzle was originally designed for a low cost engine for an expendable booster. It was modified for use in the X-34 propulsion plant. With this design the nozzle and chamber are one piece. The presentation reviews the design goals, the materials and fabrication. The tests and results are reviewed in considerable detail...
Downloads: 61
[texts]ERIC ED389332: A Study To Determine the Feasibility of Converting the Audio Magazine Program of NLS/BPH from Flexible Disk to Cassette Format. Draft Report. - ERIC
This report contains the results of a study sponsored by the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped to investigate the implications of converting its audio magazine program from flexible disk to audiocassette. Specific issues to be considered included whether or not such a conversion would represent: (1) a financial savings in any or all phases of production or delivery; (2) interruption in service to NLS/BPH talking book machine patrons during equipment transition; or...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Assistive Devices (for Disabled); Audio Equipment; Audiotape Cassettes; Audiotape Recordings; Cost Estimates; Data Conversion; Feasibility Studies; Library Services; Nonprint Media; Periodicals; Talking Books; User Needs (Information)
Downloads: 10
[texts]ERIC ED297694: Training of Teachers in the Instructional Use of Technology. - ERIC
The purpose of this study was to survey current practices in training teachers to use audio, video, and computer technology in their classrooms, ascertain the usefulness of that training, and provide recommendations for the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) surveys in the area of educational technology. The introduction briefly summarizes the purposes and rationale for the study as well as the data collection process...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audio Equipment; Computers; Educational Technology; Information Technology; Instructional Effectiveness; National Programs; Regional Programs; School Districts; State Programs; Teacher Education; Teaching Methods; Videodisks
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED287487: Sound Recordings and the Library. Occasional Papers Number 179. - ERIC
The basic concept that sound waves could be traced or recorded on a solid object was developed separately by Leon Scott, Charles Cros, and Thomas Alva Edison between 1857 and 1877 and, by 1890, the foundation of the present-day commercial record industry was established. Although cylinders were the first sound recordings to be sold commercially, discs were introduced in 1894 and ultimately became more popular...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audio Equipment; Audiodisks; Audiotape Recordings; Library Circulation; Library Collection Development; Library Collections; Library Facilities; Optical Disks; Technological Advancement; Users (Information)
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED301991: Directory of Programs & Services for Hearing Impaired People in the Metropolitan Washington Area. 1988 Edition. - ERIC
The directory represents an effort to inventory those agencies currently offering direct services to hearing impaired residents of the Metropolitan Washington area. Entries were limited to agencies within the Washington Metropolitan area, to national organizations with local affiliates, and to agencies providing "helping" services such as community, social, educational, health care, counseling. The directory is divided into four sections...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Accessibility (for Disabled); Agencies; Audio Equipment; Churches; Communication Aids (for Disabled); Community Services; Counseling Services; Health Services; Hearing Impairments
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED191231: Resources--1980. - ERIC
The documents present two issues of Resources, a newsletter from the Pennsylvania Regional Resources Center of Eastern Pennsylvania for Special Education. The first issue lists and describes 65 media equipment items that have application for special education. Included are a device that holds a book or magazine at the proper reading angle and turns the pages for those who are physically unable to do so, a modified cassette recorder and player that can expand or compress speech from 1/2 to 2 1/2 ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audio Equipment; Audiovisual Aids; Career Education; Disabilities; Instructional Materials; Mechanical Equipment; Nonverbal Communication; Projection Equipment; Resource Materials; Speech Compression; Visual Aids; Vocational Education
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED349790: Media Technologies and Language Learning. Proceedings of an IRAAL Seminar (Dublin, Ireland, November 25, 1989). - ERIC
A seminar sponsored by the Irish Association for Applied Linguistics on the role of media and media technologies in second and foreign language learning is reported. The organization of this report reflects the program of the seminar. Four plenary papers established some broad applied linguistic perspectives and presented an overview of recent applications of audio, video, and computers. The papers and authors are as follows:"Media, Media Technologies, and Language Learning: Some Applied Linguis...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Applied Linguistics; Audio Equipment; Audiovisual Aids; Computer Assisted Instruction; Educational Technology; Foreign Countries; Language Laboratories; Multimedia Instruction; Programed Instruction; Second Language Learning
Downloads: 17
[texts]The Mid-Infrared Spectrum of the Galactic Center: A Starburst Nucleus - Simpson, J. P.
Using the Michelson interferometer on the Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX), we have taken spectra of many positions in the central 25 min of the Galactic Center (GC) with a 6 min x 9 min FOV. The spectral coverage was 380 to 1700/ cm (6 to 26 microns) and the resolution was approx. 21/cm. The spectra exhibit strong UIR/PAH features at 6.2, 7.7, 8.6 and 11.3 microns, in addition to the ionic lines of (Ne II), at 12.8 microns, (S III) 18.7 microns, and (Ar II) 6.98 microns...
Downloads: 79
[texts]ERIC ED267782: Descriptive Study of Noncommercial FM Radio Stations Affiliated with Colleges and Universities. - ERIC
Designed to establish a framework for current and future documentation of FM radio in institutions of higher education, this study examined the state of noncommercial FM radio stations affiliated with colleges and universities. Topics investigated included: (1) basic descriptions of institutions housing noncommercial radio stations; (2) operating budgets; (3) station organization and personnel; (4) station operating hours; (5) station programming; and (6) station philosophies...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Administrative Organization; Audio Equipment; Budgets; Financial Support; Higher Education; National Surveys; Operating Expenses; Programing (Broadcast); Questionnaires; Radio; Research Methodology; Resource Allocation; Resource Staff
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED381167: Study of an Audio Playback Machine Storage, Distribution, and Repair System. Options for Machine Operation. Study II, Part 1, Phase 2, Final Report. - ERIC
This report presents the results of a management study of audio playback equipment operations conducted by the National Library Service, Library of Congress, its associated network of state and local machine lending agencies (MLA), and other parties that play a role in current operations. The objectives were to document current operations, identify problems, and recommend possible solutions that would mitigate or eliminate the identified problems...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Administration; Audio Equipment; Audiotape Recordings; Automation; Case Studies; Cost Effectiveness; Operations Research; Performance Factors; Repair; Research and Development; State Agencies; Talking Books
Downloads: 37
[texts]ERIC ED370581: Affective Response to Learning via "Visual Metaphor." - ERIC
A television program employing a visual metaphor should be an effective instructional tool. Concrete imagery should make the metaphor more memorable and the topic more comprehensible. Splitting the metaphor between audio and video channels should make a strongly unified message, because the audience would have to compare the verbal and visual messages to understand the metaphor. Two versions of an informational television program were created for this study...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Affective Behavior; Affective Objectives; Audio Equipment; College Students; Documentaries; Educational Television; Health Care Costs; Higher Education; Imagery; Likert Scales; Metaphors; Nonverbal Communication; Student Attitudes; Verbal Communication; Video Equipment; Visual Learning
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED381153: Technology: America's Schools Not Designed or Equipped for 21st Century. Statement of Linda G. Morra, Director, Education and Employment Issues, Health, Education and Human Services Division. Testimony before the Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies, Committee on Appropriations, United States Senate. - ERIC
In educating America's children for a technological world, schools must have the infrastructure in place before technology can be fully integrated into the curriculum. Findings of a national survey of school facilities concerning whether America's schools have appropriate technologies, such as computers, and the facility infrastructure to support these technologies are reported. Ten thousand schools were surveyed, augmented with visits to 10 selected school districts...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audio Equipment; Computer Uses in Education; Data; Educational Equipment; Educational Facilities; Educational Technology; Electronic Equipment; Elementary Secondary Education; Needs Assessment; Problems; Schools; Surveys; Technology Education; Telecommunications; Video Equipment
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED267783: A Methodology in Studying Noncommercial FM Radio Stations--A Case Study. - ERIC
To examine the state of college- and university-affiliated noncommercial FM radio, a survey was conducted of all college and university stations nationwide which were identifiable through the 1982 Broadcasting Yearbook (N=670). The questionnaire requested information concerning demographics, funding, organization and structure, personnel, operation, programming, and philosophy or mission. A question to identify National Public Radio (NPR) affiliates was included to isolate and develop this subca...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Administrative Organization; Audio Equipment; Budgets; Case Studies; Financial Support; Higher Education; National Surveys; Operating Expenses; Programing (Broadcast); Questionnaires; Radio; Research Methodology; Resource Allocation; Resource Staff; Statistical Analysis
[texts]ERIC ED375835: The Sole Source. - ERIC
The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS), an arm of the Library of Congress, leads a highly successful national program to produce and distribute books and magazines for blind, visually impaired, and physically handicapped individuals. A fostering relationship exists between NLS and a network of 143 regional and local libraries that serve blind and handicapped readers directly...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audio Equipment; Audiotape Cassettes; Blindness; Books; Braille; Cataloging; Centralization; Copyrights; Floppy Disks; Government Role; Library Administration; Library Networks; Library Services; National Programs; Physical Disabilities; Policy Formation; Program Descriptions; User Needs (Information)
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED248832: School Utilization Study, 1982-83. Executive Summary. - ERIC
A survey of the availability, use, and support--financial, personnel, and staff development--of instructional media in United States public and private elementary and secondary schools was conducted by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the National Center for Education Statistics. This study expanded on a 1976-77 study of school utilization of television by adding audio/radio and computers...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Administrators; Audio Equipment; Audiovisual Aids; Computer Uses in Education; Computers; Educational Radio; Educational Television; Elementary Secondary Education; National Surveys; School Surveys; Teachers; Television Viewing; Use Studies; Video Equipment
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED256292: School Utilization Study: Availability, Use, and Support of Instructional Media. 1982-83 Final Report. - ERIC
This summary of the 1982-83 School Utilization Study updates and extends the results of a 1976-77 study of school utilization of instructional television and examines changes in instructional television availability and use patterns between 1977 and 1983. The study reported surveyed 619 school superintendents, 1,350 principals, and 2,700 teachers about in-school instructional applications of programming and equipment in the areas of audio/radio, instructional television, computers, and other med...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Administrators; Audio Equipment; Audiovisual Aids; Computer Uses in Education; Educational Radio; Educational Television; Elementary Secondary Education; National Surveys; School Surveys; Teachers; Television Viewing; Use Studies; Video Equipment
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED311739: The Multi-Language Multi-Media Courseware Authoring and Delivering System. Final Report. - ERIC
The development of a multi-media, multi-language authoring and student use system for second language instruction is described. The system uses a microcomputer and monitor, off-shelf voice peripheral device, microphone, speaker, and over 40,000 lines of courseware. It allows an author or teacher to compose courseware and present it to the students. The courseware can control the sequence of presentation depending on the student's response and data accumulated during the course...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audio Equipment; Authoring Aids (Programing); Chinese; Computer Assisted Instruction; Courseware; English; Higher Education; Ideography; Japanese; Material Development; Microcomputers; Multimedia Instruction; Program Descriptions; Second Language Instruction; Uncommonly Taught Languages
Downloads: 7
[texts]ERIC ED241242: "Let Your Fingers Do the Talking": Computer Communication in an Alaskan Rural School. - ERIC
Part of the North Slope Borough District, the two schools in the Inupiaq village of Wainwright, Alaska, began to take advantage of communications technology for teaching, administration, and staff training purposes in 1983. At that time, three teachers took a course offered by the University of Alaska via computer and audio-conference on the subject of using computers as communications tools. The teachers altered the increasing reliance of the schools on audio-conferencing for administrative and...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Alaska Natives; American Indian Education; Audio Equipment; Communications; Distance Education; Educational Administration; Elementary Secondary Education; Eskimos; Gifted; Inservice Teacher Education; Instructional Materials; Microcomputers; Networks; Rural Education; Rural Schools; Special Education; Staff Development; Teleconferencing; Telephone Communications Systems
Downloads: 2
[texts]generalmanual 000025389
generalmanual 000025389
Keywords: recording; mode; button; digital; playback; cassette; unit; adaptor; dat; tape; recording level; power adaptor; start ids; main unit; sampling frequency; consumption mode; audio equipment; program number; cleaning cassette; remote control
Downloads: 12
[texts]ERIC ED266768: Teaching over Television. A Handbook for ITFS Teachers. - ERIC
Designed to assist California State University at Chico (CSU) faculty to utilize educational television effectively for long-distance instruction, this handbook provides suggestions, procedures, and production techniques for successful television teaching. A brief introduction discusses the interactive nature of educational television at CSU. Guidelines are then given for on-camera techniques; proper pacing or timing; clothing and make-up; audio interaction; and teaching students you can't see...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audio Equipment; Audiovisual Aids; College Faculty; Distance Education; Educational Television; Faculty Development; Guidelines; Higher Education; Inservice Teacher Education; Production Techniques; Resource Materials; Skill Development; Teaching Methods; Video Equipment; Visual Literacy
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED349792: Using Audio and the Language Laboratory. - ERIC
The role of the language laboratory in current language teaching and learning is discussed. Four main aspects of audio technology and its relationship to language learning are covered: (1) the technological aspect: what a language lab is and what kinds of labs are available in Ireland; (2) the research aspect: what kind of research is being conducted in language labs, how they are and could be used, and in what ways they benefit the language learning process; (3) the pedagogical aspect: how teac...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Applied Linguistics; Audio Equipment; College Second Language Programs; Communicative Competence (Languages); Foreign Countries; Higher Education; Irish; Language Laboratories; Language Research; Linguistic Performance; Second Language Learning; Uncommonly Taught Languages
Downloads: 7
[texts]ERIC ED386227: Interactive Televised Instruction: Factors To Consider. - ERIC
For the first 2 years of operation, the Instructional Television Services (ITS) at Mohave Community College, in Arizona, operated in a very traditional manner, utilizing two cameras and an operator at each site. To increase the efficiency of the television services, surveillance cameras were installed at sites and were operated from the district switchboard, eliminating the need for on site camera operators and saving the program over $400,000 in the ensuing 10 years...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audio Equipment; Closed Circuit Television; Community Colleges; Distance Education; Educational Television; Interactive Television; Program Costs; Program Development; Program Improvement; Technological Advancement; Telecourses; Two Year Colleges; Video Equipment
Downloads: 4
[texts]generalmanual 000029183
generalmanual 000029183
Keywords: code; remote; press; audio; vcr; device; cable; laserdisc; buttons; channel; cable box; satellite receiver; code search; audio equipment; universal remote; press power; laserdisc player; code lists; code list; change channels
Downloads: 12
[texts]ERIC ED375836: Michigan Network of Libraries for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. 1993 Revised Standards for Subregional Libraries. - ERIC
In November 1991, the State Librarian (Michigan) established a committee to review and revise the standards of service for the blind and physically handicapped. These revised standards define the general responsibilities of Michigan subregional libraries to their regional libraries and their borrowers. Responsibilities cover basic services such as the provision of informational and recreational books and magazines in special format along with the necessary audio playback equipment, accessories, ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audio Equipment; Audiotape Recordings; Blindness; Braille; Financial Support; Guidelines; Library Administration; Library Circulation; Library Personnel; Library Services; Networks; Physical Disabilities; Policy; Program Evaluation; Special Libraries; Standard Setting; Standards; State Libraries; State Programs
Downloads: 7
[texts]generalmanual 000033735
generalmanual 000033735
Keywords: sur; mode; est; recording; pour; cassette; pendant; touche; pas; vous; appuyez sur; power adaptor; des piles; les piles; audio equipment; recording level; program number; appareil audio; cleaning cassette; autre appareil
Downloads: 13
[texts]ERIC ED274302: Status of Instructional Technology in Higher Education. Report of Findings from the 1984-85 Higher Education Utilization Study. - ERIC
A report on the 1985 Higher Education Utilization Study provides estimates of the availability, use, and support of instructional telecommunications technologies (video, audio, and computers) in U.S. colleges and universities. Use patterns of these technologies in postsecondary teacher preparation programs are also reported. A census survey was conducted with 2,830 public and private two-year and four-year postsecondary institutions included in the Higher Education Directory...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audio Equipment; Cable Television; Closed Circuit Television; College Instruction; Computer Assisted Instruction; Consortia; Courseware; Educational Technology; Educational Television; Financial Support; Higher Education; Instructional Materials; National Surveys; Preservice Teacher Education; Questionnaires; Technical Assistance; Telecourses; Use Studies
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